God Stopping A Nuclear War Robert L


Published: March 26th 2011


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God Stopping A Nuclear War  by  Robert L

God Stopping A Nuclear War by Robert L
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Who am I?Revelations 10 : And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.Im that guy. My time has come. Took a while.The purpose of this book is to serve as a warning against an impending nuclear war which God hopes to avoid.

But in order to avoid it, he has to finally reveal the truth about himself and Satan.What they both really are will be a surprise to all people. Moses and Jesus both hinted at the truth, but they never really told it. There is a super tiny group that kept the secret from the time of Moses. The ones who werent trusted with it, were killed by Moses.

Think about it, after saving them, after giving them a commandment not to kill, he killed half of them. Did you really believe they worshiped golden idols after God just rescued them? That was a crazy story to cover the truth. Do you want to know that truth? Then read this Little Book.The real truth about God will merge religion and modern science. There is no conflict between the two. How could there be?Once you understand them, youll see them battling.

Youll know where to look to see them in action. Youll see them warring in politics, in finance, on the internet, in race relations, in Israel, in Europe, in Asia, and in Muslims nations. They even affect American trade deficits.Surprised? If you read this book you wont be.The Bible was for past generations who didnt have the knowledge to understand them. So they only got stories and rules. This book is for today.When you can understand this book the Mystery of God will be over.Youll also understand why he had to come clean about himself to stop World War 3.Will the earth be destroyed by nuclear fire?It depends on how people use this information to avoid nuclear war.Im going to say something that will sound crazy to you, but reserve judgment.God promised to explain himself to mankind one day through a small book.This is it.I can promise you this.Youll know more about God and Satan than Moses and Jesus did in their lifetimes if you finish the book.Put simply, one had to liberate, one had to sacrifice, and one had to explain.Different roles for different ages.God works on a need to know basis.

Sad, but true. He always had trust issues.And my apologies to all the atheists who hide behind their simple understanding of science, your time is over. Were back.

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