Grief: Five Stories of Apocalyptic Loss Liam Brennan


Published: June 27th 2013



Grief: Five Stories of Apocalyptic Loss  by  Liam Brennan

Grief: Five Stories of Apocalyptic Loss by Liam Brennan
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Coping with loss on an unimaginable scale.The world is ending, and theres nothing anyone can do about it. How does humanity stand its last hours? With the values weve developed over our reign on this Earth, or with the terrible freedom that comes with knowing that there wont be any consequences for our actions?A cop, a kidnapper, a doomsday cultist, a news anchor, and party-goers at the end of the world.

Will they learn to cope, or succumb to the nihilistic madness around them?This collection of psychological drama contains the stories Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.Praise for GriefThe themes dealt with here are harsh and cruel. No sugarcoating, no complete bravery either...

Said themes may upset some readers, but I found them fascinating all the same, for all the questions they raised.I found Michael Coorlims writing style fast paced and involving, the imagery being darkly descriptive of the horrors occurring without being flowery and overblown.

I gave this book 3 stars because although I liked the idea, I was a little disturbed by the content.

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