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Gender Wars: War on Women  by  Dee Dawning

Gender Wars: War on Women by Dee Dawning
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Disgusted with the GOP War on Women, a group of determined women take matters into their own hands & form a womens political party. Initially discounted by established political parties, they change their tune when women & men join inMoreDisgusted with the GOP War on Women, a group of determined women take matters into their own hands & form a womens political party. Initially discounted by established political parties, they change their tune when women & men join in droves.GENDER WARS is a Political Chick-lit story, tied to the Republican War on Women that would appeal most to politically middle and right of center readersNote: Previously editions released as Girl Power: War on Women.Excerpt:We take you to Richmond, Virginia, where Jenna Kenner is standing by.

Jenna, whats going on?Thanks Jeff. Im at the Virginia capital, where a group of peaceful, but angry women are demonstrating.I see. How many are there?A thousand, I would guess.One of the signs reads, Keep Yer Stinking Laws Out of My Vagina. What are they upset about?Theyre upset over a new abortion law the legislature passed last night where a woman seeking an abortion would have to undergo and pay for a Trans-vaginal Ultrasonic Probe.Is that what I think it is?Yes.

Its not funny.Ugh, sorry. I see a sign that reads, WOMEN HAVE RIGHTS TOO. Would you ask her why she and her friends are mad and what they want?I think shes the leader. Ill ask herJenna stuck a mic in front of the woman. Hi. Whats your name? Doris.Hi, Doris. Im Jenna Kenner with National News. Id like to ask you a few questions if I may.Sure.I take it your group is protesting the new law the Governor has promised to sign today.And youd be right. We want Governor Ultrasound Bob to know that the people this most affects dont like this stinking law, and women across the country are not going to forget.Across the country?Doris rested her sign on the ground.

Absolutely, Virginia isnt the only state where self-righteous men are sticking their nose in our panties.I dont understand. What do you mean?The Pachyderms have been having a field day approving regressive legislation in Republican-controlled states across the country.Pachyderms?Yeah, you know, the elephants in the room.Oh, yeah.

Which states?North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Pennsylvania, and a bunch more.My God. I had no idea.I know. Republicans know the public doesnt support their laws so theyre passing them, while everyone sleeps and being real quiet about it.So there you have it, Jeff. These women feel there is a war on women, to deny their hard fought gains on womens rights.Thank you, Jenna.

Well keep following this story, but right now, I have the Chairman of the Republican Party, Crowe Magnon, and the President of the Womens League, Molly Markum. Molly, well start with you. What do you think about all this?Molly, frowned. Extremists have started a war on women. With the misguided war in Iraq over and the forgotten war in Afghanistan ending, the GOPs fingers are itchy. So looking around theyve discovered women. They dont like the advances weve made over the last fifty years—Thats ridiculous, said Crowe, Theres no war on women.

Men idolize women.Humph! If you dont mind! Jeff asked me a question, and I was answering before you rudely interrupted. As for your assertion that men adore women, most men do, but not the petty Republican men. They think women, despite being fifty-one percent of the electorate, having a measly seventeen percent of the seats in Congress, is too much. They think women heading twelve of the fortune 500 companies is too many, and they have the nerve to think women making 77 cents for every dollar men make is too much!Crowe ran his fingers through his dark blond hair.

May I speak now?Molly glowered at Crowe, but Jeff said, Go ahead.The 77% figure has been debunked. Men work more hours and overtime.Molly snarled. Thats total horse shit and you know it.No, facts dont lie.Republican facts do!Were talking about your figures, not mine.Molly stuck her chin out.

You dont scare me, you bag of misinformation. Were talking about equal work for an equal amount of time and women make 3/4 of what men make. Youre trying to take us back to the Father Knows Best days. Listen, you Neanderthal, father doesnt know best—he never did. Mother knows best. If men were the ones having babies there wouldnt be a pro-life movement. Conversely, if women ran this country we wouldnt have the economic basket case we have today.

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