Maxims of a Man of Schemes by Vladimir Peftiev

”Maxims of a Man of Schemes” (published in 2017) by Vladimir Peftiev is a collection of memorable and witty aphorisms that explores a broad variety of themes like business, politics, relationships, technology, human condition, social structure, family, success and much more. All that is presented in a well-organised and easily accessible way. Notably, the foreword is written by the world-renowned British professor, philosopher and humanist A.C. Grayling.  

Maxims of a Man of Schemes by Vladimir Peftiev

One of the reasons this book stands out from other anthologies of its kind is that it manages to create a profound and nuanced portrait of an accomplished businessman. The moral maxims, ironies, pursuits, desires and longings of a successful entrepreneur find their expression in a short and thought-provoking form. 

Mr Peftiev, by his choice of words and accompanying artworks for the book comes across as a genuine admirer of art. This appreciation manifests itself not only in aphorisms and Peftiev’s views on art and its crucial role in our society, but also in the widely known paintings that accompany and meaningfully enrich the book. 

The book is presented in both Russian and English, side by side, and the great quality and the beauty of the design should certainly be mentioned. It makes this book a real pleasure to come back to. 

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