The Art of War Annotated, Illustrated Sun Tzu



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The Art of War Annotated, Illustrated  by  Sun Tzu

The Art of War Annotated, Illustrated by Sun Tzu
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Simply put, Sun Tzu says that it is better not to fight than to be involved in a conflict, but if you are going to have to fight, then you have to do it to win, and these are the various strategies, often brutal, that will get you that result.Niccolò Machiavelli, in The Prince says if you are in a position of power and seek to maintain it, it is better to be loved and respected, but if you cant achieve that, then at least enforce respect and these are the, often brutal, strategies that will get that result.I say, if you are going to be a politician in the generally-winning party and you dont like reading much, The Prince is for you.

Very sly. If however you see yourself in opposition, arguing your point, try Sun Tzu first.For the rest of us the books are short and make interesting historical and somewhat philosophical reading but they arent going to change your life other than giving you a leg up on the intellectual book ladder, always a plus for the pseuds!(view spoiler)[Who, me?

Yah think... (hide spoiler)]

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