Eaters Of The Dead Michael Crichton

ISBN: 9780788739774

Published: 1999


Eaters Of The Dead  by  Michael Crichton

Eaters Of The Dead by Michael Crichton
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I have to confess, the first time I read this book I thought it was a real manuscript, and that Crichton was just putting it for us in book form...until I got to the epilogue. That was when I understand that Crichton is an amazing story teller.Digging around, I found out that Crichton did the book out of a bet that he could not make Beowulf interesting.

And what a book he came out with!The book tells the story of an Arab ambassador Ibn Fadlan, as he traveled from Baghdad and hooked up with a bunch of Vikings trying to rid a land of a monstrous terror. Basically Beowulf.What I found truly captivating was that it was written as a manuscript. The whole thing reads like a travel journal of an extremely observant man. Written matter-of-factly with no attempts of embellishments or even attempts to make the story more dramatic.

Its a great book.5/5.

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